Noise. What do we do about it?

I recently read Seth's article on the noise being created out in the market by fellow marketers. True it is noise and we need to ensure that it is not treated as one, but can we market in silence?

This got me thinking. What would marketing in silence be? 

I picked a boardroom to answer this question. When you talk about your vision to your team, they are listening to it in rapt attention. There is silence across the room, message drilled down and they go back to work on it. Try this with the different heads of the department in your company and there is chaos. There are multiple opinions floating and to get your message out, you are being louder adding to the noise. 

Can you get your message across without making any noise. I am sure you can but is definitely harder than shouting your way through. Trust me, everyone wants an easy way out.

Until someone creates an effective way of marketing in silence (and this is a great business opportunity in waiting), we have noise to piggy back on.

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