Start Now. Move away from being a Start Up

One of the reasons I failed as an entrepreneur (oops, not as an entrepreneur, but as a business) is because I had no clue how I could come out of the start up mode. Months later of embarking on a journey of learning, I see that this is a phenomena that is universally stopping good companies from becoming great.

I came across some interesting people (and companies) who have a strong vision that bowled me. I was sure that there is a great company in the making. These are companies that made it big as start ups and I am left bewildered on what is stopping them from further growth.

Its exactly what got them here in the first place. The state of mind hasn’t moved from bootstrapping, counting the beans before you spend them, and even worse, vision taking a back seat in favor of short term gains.

My Take:

Its not tough to make money as a start up. Remember your vision was not to make money when you started. Step back, take a breath and look at your army. They are left clueless, tired and shocked by the reality. Was this your vision or do you just don’t care anymore?

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