Guess what forced me to ponder on this question? A conversation between my pal and my two year old.

My friend ordered my lil one to abstain from taking her diapers out of the diaper bag. She immediately asked Why? He realized there is no real reason and said, because you shouldn’t. With an even straighter face, she repeated the question – WHY?. 

Pondering a little deeper in to their conversation, I thought, ‘Why’ is such a powerful tool. It makes you challenge your preconceived notions, can lead you to the path of innovation and so on depending on how deeper you swim with it. To heck with it, it might make you an entrepreneur forcing you to change the rules of the game and in the process, change the world.

 Trust the kids to change the world tomorrow, and just because you were told not to, don’t assume it shouldn’t be done.


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