What if you had to live without Google or Facebook?

First off, this is not a quick read like my usual posts. Appreciate your patience if you sit through this.

I asked the above question in a noisy party the other night, and there was a lull. The silence was deafening. 

My answer would have been, create another. There was Yahoo, Alta Vista, etc., before Google came. There was MySpace, Classmates.com, etc., before Facebook came along. The world just changed for better but thinking that they control or are an oligopoly is far from truth.

On a different note, there is an argument that says that the customer allowed Google, Facebook and other similar companies to enjoy the monopoly of information resulting in a world with fewer options. Just a sec, why would I need another option when I am completely satisfied with one. Can I drink two colas at a time? The answer is NO.

At the time of consumption, if I as a customer am happy with one product/service, would I be bothered about alternatives. If their absolute dominion is affecting the customer, it would end. No company enjoyed monopoly at the cost of the customer. If they did, it was short lived.

To all my folks who were shocked with the question, the answer is, you would be living with something better than Google or Facebook.

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