Gimme an Idea

“Why would I give you one, if I had a great idea?” was what Gurbaksh Chahal said at the ClickAsiaSummit that concluded on January 22 at Mumbai.

Ideas are out there for anyone who wants to pick them. The key however is execution. To quote Mr Chahal, “Idea is just 1% of success. 99% lies in its execution.” MySpace and Friendster were around before Facebook and so was Yahoo and MSN Search before Google stepped in to take away the market share.

Have a thought, discuss with people around you, and execute relentlessly to make it a success.

Its easier said than done, especially if you have too many thoughts and resulting ideas. What do you do in such cases? Let me know your thoughts on this.

My Take:

I recommend to pick one that is close to you and execute.

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