If you are dead and Gone?

I read an article about an untimely death of an entrepreneur. His friend (and author of the article) posed a question to entrepreneurs at large. What happens to your family if, in your rush to be an entrepreneur, you loose the race with life? Is your family ready to deal with it?

I respect the author’s feelings and my condolences to the family of his friend. That said, I did not agree with the tone of the article and thought there are couple of things that were missing:
– If you are on an entrepreneurial journey, your family is accompanying you. 
– Death is something that can hit anyone of us at any stage in life and no amount of preparation is ever enough.
– Planning for your family is important, but no amount of it can fill the void of a person (which is what your family will miss forever).

Will be glad to hear other thoughts on this.


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