Now a movie on me..’I am not like You’

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine called me and said, ‘dude, I want to make a movie on you and it will be called ‘I am not like you.’ The movie will list my adventures in life that were a result of my saying those words. I was quite honored and thanked him for his adventurous thought.

Ever since I decided that I won’t be like everyone, I have had more failures than successes. I felt cheated in some cases and walked all over in some other. I persisted with the thought of ‘doing what I really like.’ 

Not every decision was smooth. Life never is, nor should it be. Did I change? I guess the fact that a friend of mine wants to make a movie on me has the answer in it. I am crazy (my dear friend is crazier) and am loving every minute of it.


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