Building a Brand

A couple of decades back, an answer to the question ‘How do you build a brand?’ was “by a lot of planning and effort.” Decades later, nothing has changed.

Brands today are more vocal though. In fact it is mandatory that they be very vocal. They have to connect, communicate, emphatize and stand by their brand lovers.

If you are tempted to say ‘If not anything, building a brand has become even more difficult than before,’ you might want to read along.

When you can be vocal, it becomes easier to get a result (which can be either winning the person or loosing him). Brands today are aggressive and move on if an intended audience does not connect with them. They have become smart and are learning with every communication.

One question that is building brands today is “Do you as a brand want to be a leader or a follower?” 

Side Note:
Interesting similarity with the above question and the way Airtel and Mc D built their brands in India.


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