Failure is a bastard and Overrated

Failure in particular is dreaded in big organizations (where everything (read processes) is in place) for two important reasons:
1. Failure ends up as a bastard with no one willing to take the onus.
2. Even worse is when the processes don’t change and/or ignore the learnings from the mistakes. Unfortunately, you find scapegoats who are asked to take a walk. 

Even with the ‘Failure is good’ mantra these days, you end up feeling if it is highly overrated.

Side Note: 
People who blame others for failure will never be good at failing, because they’ve never done it. God save them in the long run.

2 thoughts on “Failure is a bastard and Overrated

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  1. Those ppl cant do anything except blaming others.They waste their complete life in trying to blame others for their own mistakes

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