Challenging the Challenge

Two voices that I’ve heard quite often:
One, a lot of employees asking for a challenging role.
Two, a lot of managers/superiors offering what they deem to be challenging work.

One deduction – Its a nice blame game. 

In the first case, you might hear a lot of people saying that they are looking for a role that is challenging. 50% of the times they are playing a fool here.

Side Note:
Challenging role is not something that is going to give you fat bonus without you spending any grey cells. It ain’t happening folks.

In the second case, you will have the mangement slyly throwing you out or undermining your performances by saying that you did not play up to the challenge and/or did not reach their expectations. That’s horrific and in a way results to the first case.

Side Note:
If you are convinced about the talent you hired, map their strengths and push them one step at a time. Avoid the blame game, its just not worth it.

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