You are an Entrepreneur…

if you have a keen eye for detail.
if your mind is racing even under a shower.
if a mistake brings a smile instead of a frown.
if you snub your boss if you think he is wrong and/or, even more importantly, if you are convinced you know the right way of doing things.
if you pick on wrong things that are not in your domain, even if it means the way a mail should be drafted to a candidate whom your company just rejected.
if you understand that you cannot do everything by yourself and teamwork is more important than individual brilliance.
if tomorrow is always important than today.
if risk is always exciting than security.
if dreams are your way of living life.
if you love lunching with the team rather than in your cabin.

If your current company allows you to do this and more, its a company you want to retire with. If it doesn’t, they are breeding their own competition.

Side Note: If there are more points that define an entrepreneur, please feel free to add them to the list.


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