It has to fizzle Out

As a kid growing up watching movies, I always thought I was cut out for them. Reason: I liked the thought of traveling and being surrounded by beautiful girls. The closest I came to movies was when we handled digital media marketing activities for a Tollywood movie.

As a voracious reader, I believed I was born to join the forensics as a psychologist. Reason: The protagonist in the last book I read was a forensic psychologist. I downloaded the brochure from a University website for the course.

As a traveller, I wanted to become a travel writer and globetrotter. Reason: I always loved writing and traveling. The closest I came to this passion was submitting one or two reviews on travel websites.

Why then am I anything but the above?

I believe it was a lack of perseverance that comes out of passion. Influences are good, they help you identify your innate abilities. Unfortunately, influences cannot bring out a passion (especially that is not present) in you.

As start up advice, I’ve always asked people to put monetary benefits aside. If you are not chasing your passion, you will fizzle out.

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