Increased visibility is not Marketing

No matter what the media is, just increased visibility does not mean marketing. I would say it does not mean advertising either (I’ll leave it to you to decide what it is). 

An insurance ad on a gaming related website will get a lot of eyeballs, but that is all it is going to garner. A huge balloon ad for a newly launched product is hardly the right way of saying we are going to be at the top.

When you look at the ROI for your campaigns, you can clearly see people shouting “Just because I see you everywhere does not mean I am going to shop with you.”

Interesting question is why do they do it anyways when it is so evident?

One answer would be a misapprehension that being everywhere builds your brand. I’ve heard people saying, “let us be on every possible ad network. It helps in branding.” All your WHAT? HOW? WHY? and many more quizzical looks will go unnoticed.

Two, you think you are being cost-effective by buying unused space at a throw away price. No matter how much I try, I can never digest this. 

Third is even more confusing. Gut feel. Gosh!!!


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