What fatherhood taught Me

Growing a start up needs a lot of patience. There is a saying, “Children teach you a lot of things and the most important of them is patience.”

Side Note: If you are a parent, does not necessarily means that you will be a successful entrepreneur. To this day, parenting continues to be an evolving art. 

With my current assignment (BabyOye.com), in a 6 month old start up, I find striking similarities to my daughter when she was of the same age. She could barely sit and hold her head steady, but was always raring to go. Obviously, her limbs had to strengthen before she could pick an object and hurl at me or run away from me. I see that happening at start ups too. There is so much of passion to go on to higher altars, but the energy is just not enough (if you want to be a part of this journey, please feel free to reach out to me).

Side Note: It might be a good idea to have milestone mailer, ala Babycenter, that sends pointers on what you can expect from your baby this week. Of course the disclaimer goes without saying. 

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