And it is perfectly fine, if the answer is ‘not yet.’ If this means, for a ramp walk at a fashion show, or a lecture in front of 1000 people, starting something on your own, or even the first kiss you’ve been waiting for.

Chance at times puts you in situations where you have to go with the flow, even if you think you are under-prepared. Its okay! Take your time and let the chance go. There is going to be another one tomorrow. 

Whoever said losing is a way of learning is definitely right? Mid-way through the journey, if you think you are not doing it right or the destination is not the one you are looking for, just jump off. You are going to get hurt, the pain will linger for a while, but it is definitely trivial when compared to the realization of wasting your time and energy on a journey which had no meaning for you.

Now, apply this for your personal or business relations, your vacation plans or your ideas of starting up, it will hold true. If you consider your life a journey, the question Ready? is paramount.

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