You don’t Talk

Let the world do the talking.

On my way to home, ‘Why this Kolavari’ was playing on radio. Though I was hearing it for umpteenth time, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The song finished and the RJ mentioned about yet another number that was breaking records. The song was from Agneepath (and if you are thinking of ‘Chikni Chameli,’ sorry to disappoint you). The number was ‘Deva Sree Ganesha.’ Incidentally, I heard the song earlier today and the number could not grasp my attention for more than a few seconds. Chances are that you might have not heard of it either or did not hear through it.

Piggy backing on a popular number, that was pure selling to me. Whoever was the marketer, he was doing a decent job.

That also got me thinking about the choice that entrepreneurs/creators of today have. Choice of creating that one thing that is worth talking about.

Side Note: As a marketer, I might go jobless, but that would be a small sacrifice.

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