That’s too Pricey

If you launched a new eCom store or heading marketing for one of them, and worried that your cost per acquisition is high, this viewpoint might help.

When you start shopping at a particular store a couple of times, your affinity towards that store increases. Repeated shopping (I am not even talking about getting delighted as yet) gets this feeling deep-rooted into your lizard brain. 

One of my friend talks about this citing his example “When I shop at stores, I have definite places in mind that I visit and buy at. When I translate this to my online shopping, again, I have clear preferences. For ex: flipkart for books and movies, for baby shopping, zoomin for my photography interests etc.”

I guess as a marketer, as long as you understand the brand message that you want to drive into your audience’s lizard brain, the excercise though pricey might pay off.

Side Note: Getting the message right and the consistency in delivering it is paramount. 

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