Choice of Destination

Case 1: Punjab, known as the grain bowl of India, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, both IT hubs, and Uttar Pradesh, the country’s most populous state, clocked growth that was lower than India’s GDP growth of 6.5% in 2011-12. 

Case 2: Bihar, which was synonymous with poverty, has emerged as the fastest growing state for the second year running, clocking a scorching 13.1% growth in 2011-12.

Its a no brainer for anyone to identify the reasons (in both the cases).

As an individual, directly or indirectly connected with the states featuring in Case 1, these are a few choices we have:

1. Blame game over a couple of drinks.
2. Ignorance is bliss – it hasn’t hit us individually as yet.
3. There’s always light at the end of the tunnel – someone will come along and turn things around.
4. Make hay when sun shines – let’s move to greener pastures.
5. Think and act – because you are the change you want to see. 

Remember, you always ended up saying that the hangover was not worth the drinks.
Remember, when it hits you, you will find people following the same ‘ignorance is bliss’ principle.
Remember, when you are deep down under, there is no light even at the end of the tunnel. 
Remember, your roots will only allow you to grow that far.

For individuals from the state in Case 2, we look up to you to draw inspiration. Don’t let us down! 


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