Go screw Up

You might have heard this from all corners of your world, so I won’t talk more on how cool is screwing up.

Just a thought though – if you are goofing up things and nobody around is bothered to tell you anymore, that’s not a nice place to be. There could be something else apart from the job that you are doing, that you are screwing up.

I always look forward to review meetings, be it with my superiors, team members, or even clients, and I am excited about the last part of the discussion – areas of improvement. What did I mess up in our relation?

Try and do this in your personal life. Its fun, eye-opening and you will realize its totally worth it. 

Side Note: I ask my 4 year old daughter on how I look before I step out. I know she adores me, so I ask her ‘if she would wear the same stuff if she was going out to have fun with her friends?’

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