The barbed Wire 2.0

I had promised (well not really a promise but anyways) that I will come up with my thoughts on the barbed wires and walls and how we break in, as a follow up to my earlier post.

There was an interesting thought that crossed my mind looking at the same barbed wire. What if its been put up to make us jump over it. That would not only be fun but the sense of achievement could be life altering. 

We’ve build enough walls around us, right from the ones built by our orthodox trainings and teachings at school, to the societal expectations, from our fears to the apprehensions we’ve in-built. So what do you want to do today?

Side Note: As a Dad, I am building small walls to see if my kids choose to jump over them. Of course, this could also mean they train to jump over walls to their dates, but that might still be a small price to pay 😉

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