To my Daughter

One thing I want Riya (my 4 year old daughter) to know when she grows up is how her Mom fell for an average looking guy (whom she effectionately calls Daddy). There’s a learning there that can help her to be as happy as her Mom is. 

To Riya:
I was a typical Raj/Rahul of Bollywood films, wooing your Mom in every possible romantic way. This included singing out love songs, writing sweet love nothings and buying her little gifts. But your Mom did not fall for what I said to her. She was floored by what I did.

As an over-paranoid Dad (at times I feel like Steve Martin from the movie Father of the Bride), this is what I want you to remember when you are ready to date guys. Rate them for what they do rather than what they say.

Side Note: This actually holds good for every relation. You can promise moon, but at the end of the day, people will gauge you on what you delivered.

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