Giving away free Subs

During my early days of dating my girlfriend (now my wife), we usually frequented Prasad’s (the first multiplex theater in Hyderabad and a common hangout place). We were quite in love and it did show off. On one particular visit, both of us decided to have a meal at the newly opened Subway counter. 

We ordered our meal and I handed over my credit card to be billed. The rep told me that they just started and the credit card machine was not yet set up. I would have paid cash, but I had none and I wasn’t carrying any debit cards either to be able to draw money. I told them the same, apologized and returned our subs (much to the disappointment of my wife). 

The rep saw the disappointment on our face and gave the subs for free. I was pleasantly surprised, thanked him for the free food and left the place with an awesome learning.

Did Subway lose anyting?

For a free meal that it gave away, it earned a loyal customer for life. To date, I prefer Subway whenever I am dining out at the fast food counters and would have billed at least 100,000/- for them.

Side Note: Are your employees, at every level, empowered to give away free subs?

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  1. That’s a good experience. I wish if other companies can follow suit and make customers happy in some way or other (the rightful way though!)

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