You’ve got Mail

What do you expect when you get a mail from a place you last shopped? How do you react?

What is your emotional quotient when you get a mail from your friend? What is the time taken to open this email, react to it and take an action?

Every email is a conversation and elicits an action to be taken (just like your promotional emails).

Question – can you elicit an emotional response (a positive one) from the recipient of your promotional email?

Let’s consider this:
– How about wishing me on important dates? 
– How about understanding my behavior before starting a conversation? 
– How about dropping a note with a gift once a year?
– How about sending a sorry note (a sincere one) when you failed me?
– How about sharing a smile once in a while?

Intermittently, when you ask me to buy your idea/product, I will, because through our conversations you said ‘I care.’ 

Side Note: Our users are saying ‘We’ve got Noise’ every time we are sending that email out. We can change it.


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