Why am I Born?

Sometimes the most simple questions are the most difficult ones to answer. When Riya, my 4 year old daughter, asked me ‘Why are the things around us the way they are?’ I was struggling to give an answer. She rephrased the question (as an effort to make it easier for me to find an answer) ‘Why are we born?’

A series of questions filled my head:
Why do you think nature/god/whatever universal force of creation exists, created you when they are billions around you? Clearly, you have a value that needs to be added right? If yes, are you trying to find it (or fortunate enough to have found it)?

Very few are fortunate to identify their special talent or their calling. Most of them (including me) are not sure. They are out there trying to figure out their purpose of life. A few of them just don’t bother and I have no special comments for them.

Side Note: Oh yea, I did give a simpler version of this as an answer that seemed to have convinced my daughter.

One thought on “Why am I Born?

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  1. every time i use to ask my self ! what i have achieved?and so many questions around my life! I dont know ! But i am trying to find the special talent in myself **One day i will find.!

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