The inscrutable Chaiwaala

There’s a chai (tea) shop at the end of the street of my new work place. The guy sitting inside is ever-sweating but has an unfazed smile every time I meet him. Interestingly, not more than 5 meters away from his spot, there are 3 such shops where you will see one off stranger stopping by for a quick smoke and tea. There’s enough space at all the other spots for a person to enjoy his tea-break, but everyone flocks this one chai shop. Why?

Because he sells more than just tea. He sells the value of a strong relationship. That’s the essence behind every interaction he has with his customers. He builds comfort level in your first interaction with him, builds trust in the next and continues to provide a delightful experience every time after that. Again and again and again!

I see a company selling its values for a price. I see a company in its worst autocratic avtaar and then I see this young chap selling chai after chai with a smile on his face. For such companies, sadly, this chap will always remain inscrutable.

Side Note: Graduating from premium schools does nothing to your value system, especially if its hollow. 


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