Go blame Yourself

In response to your ‘Thank you Customer’ post:

1. When your close one goofs up, do you remain silent. In your case, you coerce me in to shopping with you, try and show me the moon if I am undecided and then when a slip up happens, you expect me to be all hush-hush even after paying you. Never knew shopping was an act of charity.

2. Do you know why I hold you wrong, because there is no transparency. I can understand delays and live with it. However, you give me a new date every time. I never thought shopping with you will end up like a court trial. A new date at every hearing.

3. Are you saying that you don’t crib at all if someone screws your happiness. What are you ‘Mother Teresa?’

4. Wait, did I say you use the word ‘free.’ Let’s take a step back and look at this closely now:
Did I ask you to have a toll-free number? NO!
Did I ask you to give me something free when I buy something? NO!
Did I ask you to give me Free Shipping or Free cash on delivery, free this and free that? NO!

5. You don’t want to service me, I’m fine (make it a conscious decision and stick to it. Don’t come back with your silly remarketing campaigns again). There are many others like you, who will humor me.

Final Note: Instead of selling convenience, you sold me the frills. If you cannot stop humoring me, at least stop complaining. 


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