Negativity is (in) You

‘There’s nothing right with this job.’

‘I can’t believe they are running the show like this.’

‘I think my Boss has a heart of stone.’

‘I always felt you are the least understanding of the lot.’

‘Dad, you just don’t get the point.’

‘Dear, you are turning out to be such a disappointment.’

‘I feel under-utilized.’

‘The culture in this company is BAD.’

Remember, negativity breeds negativity and you have two choices. You can add to this list or kill them. 

As much as this sounds cliche, talking helps. But you would talk only if you really believe that its true. More often than not, you are just cribbing for something you preceive to be wrong. Something that is shaking your status quo. Instead of accepting the fact that you don’t want to change or adapt, you prefer playing the blame game. Either way and in any walk of life, it only hurts you.

Culture is people. You are a part of it and if you think its bad, you have a clear chance to put it back in shape. If you tried and its deep-rooted and you have no passion to change it, move on buddy. Don’t add to the negativity because it doesn’t help. 

Side Note: Maybe, just maybe, negativity is in you (rather than around you).

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