Reaching your Expectations

A little introspection (on the declining frequency [and my hairline] of my posts) revealed that I was discarding a lot of thoughts in the fear of ‘not reaching ‘your’ expectations.’ What worried me further was the fact that the ‘me’ in ‘your’ was no longer there.

When I started this blog, the only audience was me. I was writing for myself and through the journey, won some laurels, won some criticism and a lot of feedback. 

Interestingly and at an alarming rate, we start putting the unknown (most of the times) you in front of I. Why?

– Your painting needs to appeal your senses.

– Your music needs to feel good to your ears first.

– Your lyrics should soothe your soul before touching others.

– Your work should satisfy you first. 

Side Note: At the risk of repeating (and for a good reason), even if your work is only gaining detractors, its for you to be satisfied first.

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