What’s your Goal?

You are driving down to your office in your car and you see a couple on a bike playfully smiling away. What’s your reaction?

1. Do you allow a smile (a fulfilling one) to take over your face?


2. Do you feel a pain somewhere deep in your heart and you are unmoved by this sight?

Let me explain why such a dramatic start is important in an almost unexciting blog like mine. One, it obviously starts riding on your curiosity factor and two, it definitely has a link to my riffs and rants.

When we started (our career or professional life or whatever we want to call this), the goal was to be happy and have a fulfilling life. Isn’t it? Somewhere down the road, something took over us and our goal changed. 

This phenomena (if I can call it one) has an uncanny resemblence to companies as well. What started as an idea to address a need in the market (which usually forms the vision) gets changed to making more money than the previous business day. 

Side Note: Even today, its that satisfying smile that brings you peace, not the numbers in green.

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