Shiva! my Samosa

At the place that I am currently working, we are offered free snacks and our cook dishes out yummy but definitely unhealthy snacks for us in the evening. 

Shiva is our sweet and efficient (you will know why I used these adjectives) office help who also helps the cook to ship his snacks to the destination.

So to walk in to the story, I’ve been trying to control my weight these days so I am on a strict diet plan. One thing I love to indulge in though are samosas.

Over a couple of cycles of snacks being served, Shiva realized that I only indulged in samosas and nothing else. What followed reminded me of a critical marketing lesson. Shiva started getting personal and started customizing the product (samosas with green chutney etc and at every interaction, he was trying to understand my taste).

In this case, he’s probably doing a great job as a marketer for the cook and his products. He was observing, experimenting and observing again and cotinuously optimising his offerings according to my tastes (and in some cases making me explore my tastes).

Side Note: If Shiva whose interests don’t align with the success of the cook and his snacks, nor does this form a part of his KPI, is doing such an awesome job, what should I do. I think I can start with thanking Shiva (which I did).


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