Peace: only Chance

As a kid, I wrote an editorial (that, though appreciated, never got published) called ‘War Within.’ It was about how a single person who is at war with himself can lead the entire world to the next world war. People like Saddam Hussein did little to prove me wrong.

As I sat down to write about peace, I was confronted with a complex question – are you giving it a chance? You don’t have to wait for an end to find a way out. You don’t have to wait for your life to fall apart before you realize what you really seek. Right? 

Let’s give peace a chance to see smiles ignite around you. You will be pleasantly surprised to see the infectiousness it holds. Go on a date with peace. You will fall in love with your better side.

Side Note: Of course we need to give war a chance – a war to end the war within.

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