Quarter-inch Hole

My 5 year old daughter and I had set out to craft out a birthday card for her Mom. I was frantically trying to get my hands on the best of the brushes, paper, paints and glue (if we were to get over board with inspiration). My daughter went ahead, plucked a paper out from her art book and used her tiny fingers to come up with a beautiful hand art that read ‘I Luv You Mommy.’

How often are we looking at our end customer/user’s need before we build out our product, service or solution. I cannot fathom a lot of us doing it if the only thing that matters to us are the numbers in our analytics dashboard. There is a story your poor conversion rates, high bounce rates or low order values are telling you. If you continuously look away from this story and try cosmetic fixes to beautify a bad picture, it doesn’t really help anyone (and least you).

Side Note: Like Theodore Levitt famously put it ‘people don’t need a quarter-inch drill, they need a quarter-inch hole.

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