Minimal marketable Idea

I along with a couple of my friends from school were smoking the nights away working on a 3D game. This was around the year 1999 (makes me feel so ancient today). What we were trying to do was to come up with what a Kinect is doing today. Our idea never saw the daylight. We failed in analyzing the market in predicting (what we thought was disruptive) product’s success.

The fact is ‘markets that do not exist cannot be analysed.’ It might be fairly easy to predict this for a steady market but for something that you are not sure exists, this can be difficult if not impossible.

The safest way here is to still go ahead and do it with minimal features and then keep pushing advancements like Apple does with its iPhone.

Side Note: As for me, I’ve learn’t to let go (more on this in my next post).

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