Letting it Go

Oh no, I am not saying ‘if you love someone deeply and truly, you need to let it go. If you really deserve it/her, it will eventually return to you.’

Let me start with something catastrophic. As an entrepreneur, you fail (actually only 1 in 1000 [or maybe more] make it). Let’s take that as a given.

As an entrepreneur, you are passionate about your idea/product and put in a lot of efforts trying to bring your dream to reality. More often than not (and I would love if its not the case), it is bound not to happen.

People recommend (and there are enough success stories) you endure through this painful period. The question though is – for how long? When would you know to let it go and move on.

Side Note: I know its easier said than done but that’s where maturity comes in. That’s where success comes in.

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