I’m a Parent

– I get paranoid when my kids are coughing.- I am half-asleep when they are down with fever.
– I put their wardrobe makeover before mine.
– I tend to drive to their favorite restaurants automatically.
– I think 100 times, lookup for online reviews, solicit feedback (from anyone) before deciding on their school.
– I read through the company before buying any product for them.
– and the list will go on which will be similar to what you would build.

I’m a parent and I realized they are more important things that I should worry about. I realize:- the world that I live in is not coming as a gift from my ancestors but is borrowed from my kids.
– that me walking every value that I talk is paramount.
– that being a servant is not bad but actually very good (thanks you Riya for this).
– that giving them a life does not translate to bank balances
– that they are watching me and learning from my behavior consciously and sub-consciously.
– they are smarter than me. They will make smarter choices or smarter mistakes/misconducts based on mine.

Side Note: I’m a parent and I realize that my kids have to be better parents than I am and I, a better kid than they are.

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