What’s digital Sharecropping?

Digital sharecropping is a term coined by Nicholas Carr to describe a peculiar phenomenon of Web 2.0.

One of the fundamental economic characteristics of Web 2.0 is the distribution of production into the hands of the many and the concentration of the economic rewards into the hands of the few.

In other words, you create content on sites like Facebook, but that content belongs more to Facebook than you. Facebook’s valuation is directly proportionate to the content being created on its platform.  So while you do it, they reap the profit.

If this doesn’t worry you, consider this:
– What if Google changes its search algorithm tonight without notice?
– What if the same features that worked for you on Facebook are no more live today?
– Blame it on competition or others, but what if the CPCs rates go up to a level where they don’t make any ROI sense?

Side Note: To put your restless mind to peace, battle sharecropping by building assets for your digital business. This can be your blog, user base or even immaculate CRM.

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