Believe, begin, Become

There are so many inspirational stories and people around us. So, what stops me from joining the club?

There have been enough validations to my ideas. So, what stops me from getting started?

The current waves seem promising to venture out in to the open. So, what sail is shying away from me?

I read and read and read more everyday (and am glad that most of them are about people whom I knew very closely) about some of my clan who dared to be different. They fell, got up, fell again, got up and dusted off the fears and persevered, not just to bring smiles to their faces but also to those around them.

3 words that they stood by, 3 words that I want to imbibe – Believe, Begin, Become.

Side Note: A start is tough, but tougher is perseverance – be it to fail or to win. Nevertheless, I know its fun.

P S: This post is dedicated to you Scott Harley. You are truly an inspiration.

2 thoughts on “Believe, begin, Become

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  1. You just got yourself a new fan buddy. Your writing is amazing, concise and witty.
    And obviously Inspirational. I accidentally landed on your I could not leave your page for at least 30 minutes. Was continuously reading your blogs.

  2. Thanks for your encouraging words Srikant. I am really glad that it appeals you and it is definitely pushing me to write more often. Thanks again 🙂

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