It takes Time… get her to trust you before she says ‘Yes.’ get the champ to hug you because you are dependable.

…to get your newbie to start applying herself to the role.

…to drive results from your digital campaigns.

…to build a brand called YOU.

Relations, partnerships, brands, companies and many more build or die depending on how much time you give them to blossom. If they aren’t blossoming, you’ve been chasing the wrong goals:

– You want take her to the bed right away.

– You want your champ to do stuff that you failed at.

– You want better ratings in your appraisal (at any cost).

– You hardly know digital to understand its potential.

– You care less about YOU.

Side Note: Once you’ve given it time and its time to action – this is where you act like your are ‘time poor.’

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