Hang around. Seriously!

If you are an entrepreneur and a busy one at that, chances are that you are running around to build your business and scale it. You might be spending a lot of time with your clients, prospects, investors or prospective investors. It might not be all incorrect if I presume that your small team is missing their leader.

As an entrepreneur and leader (at my own scale), I’ve always believed that great culture builds great companies. If its close to your heart as well, there’s just one thought I want to leave you with today. Spend more time with your team. Don’t restrict this to meetings or one on ones in your cabin (if you have one, its time you pull it down). Mingle with everyone including the guy who serves coffee to your folks. You have to emulate the culture that you want to see with people who will build it and let it thrive. 

Work around your schedules and ensure you are hanging around the office more. Period.

Side Note: Most of this is true if you are building a business, not doing business. There’s a clear difference!

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