No to #MyChoice

I am not here to roast or support Deepika Padukone’s #MyChoice campaign. I think there’s enough said and done at both the ends.

What irked me was Airtel (and similar carriers)’s move to give its users free access to certain sites (read the sites that can buy in to its preferential treatment). What this means to startups working in the app ecosystem is to pay for customer’s free usage to the operator and for those who can’t, well lose out on prospective business.

Why am I bothered is what you ask? Being a supporter of startups in India and as a person who passionately wants to see more uploads than downloads from our country, I can’t fathom big players working against it.

If its Airtel’s #MyChoice, this is the one that needs to be roasted.

Side Note: Btwn, I loved the #MyChoice (Deepika Padukone’s) campaign and support it. 

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