Peace, love, unity, Respect

PLUR was the mantra of how people should carry themselves and behave both at raves and in life.

Imagine you walking in to your office or home where you see:
Peace, with no unrest or unnecessary pressure boiling around you.
Love, with the goal of building a relation that lasts a lifetime, without expecting to get something out of the other person.
Unity, which is a manifestation of a tribe/family that sticks together.
Respect, regardless of their position/age (be it professional or personal and this includes respecting your kids).

Take pride in leaving a legacy that will survive beyond your business, your life and more importantly beyond you.

Side Note: PLUR makes a distinctive guest appearance in the book ‘Delivering Happiness‘ by Tony Hsieh. If you are in to books, this is one must read.

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  1. PLUR my friend. This way of life is ruled by compassion. I am raver raising the next generation. I walk a path that in which this way of living is vital to my happiness. Non harming non judging non attachment non clinging. Ego less.

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