Ah’ cha’ Rye

To borrow the concept’s inspiration from the book ‘How Google Works’ by Eric Schmidt and Jonathan Rosenberg, “Ah’cha’rye” translates from Hebrew as “Follow me,’ which is a command used by Israeli tank commanders heading into a combat. As a leader, if you want to lead, this is the attitude to adopt.

Stop worrying about, or even worse, blaming your people for the failures. In more cases than not, it might be a result of the culture that you have built.

Having got that out of the way (or into your head), its paramount that as a leader you are clean, committed and a guy with tenacity. The culture of your organisation is nothing but an extension of your shadow. Your troops (read smart employees) still look up to you to emulate.

Now, assuming you really care, do you take enough care about how you are being perceived by your team.

Side Note: Take a moment and give yourself a hard look when you look at the mirror (your company’s culture) the next time.

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