Miss you Dad

It’s been 5 years since you are gone and I miss you in my smiles and a little more in my pain, in my success and failures. When I reach a milestone, I miss your face hiding the pride, and when I failed, I miss the warmth behind the anger you showed.

I’ve picked most of my lessons from you, and applied them to my life. You’ve been a great mentor, guide and teacher. As I grew, I realised not all that you said or taught makes sense anymore, but then you also taught me about the importance of ‘context.’

You asked me to raise to an occasion, quit when its time, live the feelings of pain, failure and victory throughout. More importantly, you showed me the meaning of true happiness and ‘living.’

Side Note: As I penned these feelings, though it might be a little far fetched, if your team has feelings close to the above for you, then you’ve been a true ‘leader.’

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