Earth does a Detox

Right from my 8 year old son to the world famous Greta to a lot of people like me who live in the illusion of being climate activists have been talking and at times walking the talk of protecting the planet ‘Earth.’ Little do we know that we were being arrogant (and/or foolish to say the least) to think that we humans can protect earth.

Earth can play ‘Thanos’ at its will.”

Clearly, earth wasn’t very amused with our efforts. With not much of an impact, planet earth decided to turn a climate activist itself. If anything Covid-19 was its way of proving that our actions determine our fate not earth’s.

Planet earth is sorted.”

Side Note: For a long time now, we have been selfish enough to not worry about anyone else but us. The change has to happen for the same selfish reasons with survival being the top one.

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