Won’t unlearn This

Covid-19 has done its bit – both good and bad. As I continue to rail through these turbulent days, I realized that it is not all that bad. There is obviously a silver lining to this pandemic and appended below are some of my observations around what Covid-19 has tried to teach us.
This is not an exhaustive list and if you have your own list, please add them in the comments and I will update this post.

Some high level observations:
– Minimalism is possible
– Sustainable living need not be a fad anymore. It can be a reality.
– Nature is a great leveler
– Re-emphasized the fact that materialistic things mean nothing
– If we don’t keep the planet clean,
– Cleanliness as a habit can be formed no matter how old or young you are
– Hinduism (not as a religion) as a way of living is our best chance of survival
– Folded arms greeting is not just safe for now but is here to stay. Wherever possible (including official emails), I open my sentence with ‘Namaste.’ The only reason is to form a habit of it when you meet people in person.

These are more specific to me (so purely personal):
– Whatsapp is 95% garbage (especially more during pandemic times)
– WFH is more effective than stressful
– Kids don’t need gadgets to stay engaged
– If you thought, intoxication is the only way to having a relaxing time, try getting high on meditation.
– Saying ‘Namaste’ was odd but now I take total pride in it.
– Checking-in on at least one of your loved ones and providing assistance to a complete stranger is not a big ask and it is fulfilling.

Side Note: I fervently hope that tomorrow when we weather out this situation, we don’t unlearn what we learnt from these tough times.

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