Say it more Often

Lovely is a lovely word that should be used more often.

from All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven

Last night I called on an acquaintance to whom I had last spoken to maybe an year back. I was just thinking of him earlier in the day and dropped him a message saying I would like to catch up.

He called later in the night and we were 3 minutes into our talking when he said, was there anything specific I wanted to talk about. He was teary eyed when I told him I just called to ask ‘How are you? Nothing more, nothing less.’ Not only was he touched (given the unprecedentedly tough times) but he did the same to someone else.

Just looking at his reaction (and following action), it made me ask the question we find difficult to answer. Why have we stopped doing it or why aren’t we doing it more often?

Side Note: Is it difficult to meaningfully say:
I love you
You are awesome
Thanks for being there
Call me if you need to talk
You did a great job, etc.

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