Grain of Boldness

If you were to bring a grain of boldness in to everything that you do, how would the outcomes change?

Some obvious answers to this question would be:
– I would do better in my current role
– My team would be excited to surge forward
– I might reignite the passion in my personal life
– I might rethink about my startup idea(s)

In which case, the real question that you should find answer for is, “what stops you from bringing a grain of boldness in to things that I do?” Answer to this will be difficult but finding it will be worth it.

Side Note: The least that you would do is to have your meals on time!

Art to Start

Thinking of starting up – here are the 5 things that are stopping me:

1. Family – you love your family a lot (more than your passion) to see them with a wrinkled forehead.

2. Paycheck – is addictive and moving away from it might be difficult than quitting smoking.

3. Confidence – no matter how many mini-successes you’ve have, you are always thinking that there are better people out there.

4. Team – You need a soul mate to start up and its as difficult as finding that perfect girl in your life.

5. Assumption – your assumptions are always challenged and that unnerves you.

Side Note: As long as the girl in your life believes your business model and you have the balls, just take the plunge.

P.S: I am hoping to come up with my 2.0 version soon.

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