Nothing instant is Good

No matter what your health goals are, instant food is never the solution.

It surprises me on how startups (even now) believe that instant funding or instant customer growth can help you sustain a brand or a business.

Side Note: Its ‘long term value’ that you are creating in the market with your start up, not how soon you are making an exit.


Numbers vs People

Spend 6 minutes on this video (its in an Indian language – Hindi), think about it and action it for your team, business, and life. The  crux (for people who are short on time) is from 2:04 secs to 2:48 secs.

Companies who understood this and actioned it continue to be discussed as case studies.


Side Note: Companies that have ignored it are also discussed as case studies (for obvious reasons).


Getting inspired vs getting Influenced

What are you doing new today? New promotions, new feature launch, new metric defined for your support team etc. Awesome, as long as its a part of your original strategy.

When you start, the products launches, features, etc that you roll out are your brain child. Your are happy with these launches, and if they fail, there is a lesson learnt.

As competition heats up, do you start peeping in to your competitor’s brain and start countering his moves by being him? This is no fun. The learnings that await you are lost.

Markets change and so do the dynamics and you will have to counter your competition. Get inspired by it, but getting influenced is not a solution.

Side Note: Seth Godin shared a good post recently on accentuating differences between your and your competition.

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