Early startup Days

When your assumptions as an entrepreneur start failing, the urge is to either sound (and hopefully) stay positive or take a step back and take stock of reality.

Are you trying hard to prove your assumptions right. Stop it and stop it right now. Acceptance of failure has been the best lesson to success. You have to accept that shit has hit the roof, pull up your sleeves, clean it up and start all over again.

What I have always liked about entrepreneurship is ‘it’ challenges the real you. It asks the true character in you to come out and face the reality. Crisis humbles all your achievements so far and you are ready (hopefully) to start the journey all over again.

Personally, the journey itself has been rewarding than the goal itself.

Side Note: I’ve always seen similarities between entrepreneurship and dating your girl. You don’t walk out because you’ve been elusive of the first kiss (surely won’t after you get it).

One word #Resilience

I bumped in to this article about Monica Phromsavanh and it blew me away. Apart from the fact that this is a story that every human being (regardless of him being a professional or not, entrepreneur or not) must read, it showed me the power of resilience.

How many times have you been snubbed?

How many times have you been shown the door?

How many times have you been hurt, emotionally (not just physically)?

How many times have you been denied your due?

How many times did your own write you off?

You should only adopt one reaction to it – resilience.

Side Note: Don’t define your success by how high you climb. Define it by how high you bounce when you hit rock bottom. I need to believe in this – now more than ever before.


You’ll get There

How many times did you think ‘I don’t think I’ll make it?’

How many times, no matter how small the task was, did you think you won’t make it, but did? Relive the feeling.

I’ve seen a few of my ideas come alive. Unforutunately, I was not a part of it and of course, it pains.

When I look back, I am confronted with a question. Did you fear you will not get there?

Side Note: I decided to believe I’ll get there and just the feeling seems to be a good start.

Just maintain It





These have defined you as a person/entrepreneur. Confronted with situations, you might be challenged to go against them. In your pursuit of something, no one might look happy about it. 

You always have a choice. The point is, what will you choose.

Side Note: The only kind of respect that matters is self-respect and in your own eyes.

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