Educate, agitate, Organise

When I was reflecting on Dr. Ambedkar’s last words – “Educate, agitate and organise,” I found its uncanny resemblance to leadership skills.

Your ability to stand out as a leader depends on how you empower your teams by educating them, agitating them (in a positive manner and read enabling disruption in the way they function) and then organising or aligning such tremendous energy to achieve a common goal.

Honestly, with the current generation, I found the first (educate) to be easy to achieve. The ‘now’ generation is willing to learn things (and in most cases, at a rapid pace). However, a test to your character comes when you are trying to disrupt and then organise post the chaos that agitation usually brings in.


True leaders are continuously inspiring their teams to live up.
Exhibit – 1

There is a no secret formula to achieving this, but one thing that I have experienced – it becomes a tad easier when you have the right team.

Side Note: Yes, there will be resistance, fear and anxiety but beyond that you will have success, freedom and sweet notes (exhibit – 1).

Ignorance trumps Knowledge

Science is not about knowledge, it is about ignorance.

I woke up to this profound thought and realized just how true it is for human excellence at every levels.

In the current age, where disruption is becoming the norm, experience is not about the knowledge you gained, but about your realization of how ignorant you are.

The next big idea, the next big disruption, the next best product, the next best campaign will be born out of an individual’s ignorance than the knowledge or experience.

Side Note: I’m a digital marketer at the core and while its more science than art, it is true that my next best campaign will not be based on what I learnt, but on what I am going to learn.

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